5 Best Bangladesh Garments Factory Jobs 2022

requirement need to know all the people who want too interested in garment jobs because garment sector majority of Bangladesh’s export earnings are derived from the Bangladesh garment manufacturers and day by day it increases that’s why this garments sector needs tons of manpower

and they find millions of people for their jobs and people are also interested because of the salary of this job but lots of interested people didn’t get these jobs because of qualifications there are lots of garment industry who appointed unqualified people and tech they work when they ok for small

work that time garment industry give them a cheap salary but Bangladesh garments factory earn millions of dollars by them, why Bangladesh garments factories do this because they appointed unqualified people and their qualifications are not enough for their industry that’s why today we will share some high paid garment jobs minimum qualification.

Note: They are lots of jobs in the garments sector but we only explain the top 5 because these jobs are in high demand and high paying salary jobs these jobs are very important for an educated person in Bangladesh clothing manufacturers but when they apply for it they will be rejected because of they didn’t know what is the qualification they need to get Bangladesh garments factory job.

#1 Bangladesh Garments Factory Manager

A factory manager has many responsibilities for making a garment factory successful if he does his responsibility perfectly. There are lots of responsibilities but some are major which must-have in a factory manager that is taking the timely decision, always briefing his juniors about his decision, create smooth planning for complete orders by the perfect team, he need taking a decision for the

development of human resources for garments by giving the best facilities for those expecting a job, he needs to make sure about developing human resources and human rights with his garments Admin, HR, compliance dept. he needs to make price-controlled policy in every product management for reducing the production cost, in this garments business a buyer is very important but all buyer is not

equal some are big some are small that’s why a factory manager needs to create a list of particular buyer for mass production that’s why a factory manager needs the best instruction and approval of his team, a factory manager has to perform many other duties like these. Now you should know the minimum qualification of a Bangladesh garments factory manager and that is

  • Bachelor’s degree in any subject
  • Minimum experience of 12 to 18 years in this sector
  • Best planning and product analysis skills
  • Best technical knowledge in production
  • Best technical knowledge in quality system
  • Must have the good leadership ability to lead
  • Must have the good leadership ability to motivate inspectors
  • Hands-on PC skills with commonly used MS software knowledge
  • Good command of both written and spoken English

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#2 Production Planning Manager

A perfect production planning manager output the best quality product he has lots of responsibilities like he needs to collect information from the merchandise for preparing a monthly production plan fast by reacting system, Assisting the head of production and head of planning in helping them take the important steps for upcoming work, all these things production forecasts and handling facilities, and

maintenance requirements based create a schedule for every work finished on time and the buyer gets his order in time, always make sure your production sector is clean and tidy because it makes you a good production planning manager when garments higher authority saw it, the staff is most important part who work you’re under because without the stuff you can’t do any work that’s why to assess the

performance of employees confirm your floor discipline identify which staff work is not good quality and he needs to training so manage training for those staff who like that and make develop their career, create effective communication with fabric, merchandising production, store, and maintenance department to facilitate implementation of the plan a production planning manager has to perform

any other duties like these. Now you should know the minimum qualification of Bangladesh garments factory production planning manager and that is

  • Degree in textile
  • Relevant discipline
  • At the last 10 years experience in production planning
  • Best knowledge about the fabric
  • Hard technical knowledge of printing
  • Hard technical knowledge of embroidery
  • Hard technical knowledge about cutting
  • Hard technical knowledge about finishing
  • Up-to-date knowledge about garments machinery
  • Up-to-date knowledge about garments accessories
  • Best planning skills in production
  • Best skills in production analytics

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#3 Marketing Manager

A marketing manager plays an important role in a garments company for he must perform very important duties that are trying to make companies strong image with customers community organism and employees it’s called applying ethical business practices, creating a business plan overall strategy, and group outlook work with the management team should be able to hold overall

responsibility knitwear is especially for the marketing of shirts. a marketing manager must have skilled in costing because if he wasn’t skilled in costing he can’t planning about product marketing and product quality which is bad for a garments company, a marketing manager must have to monitor the market this is the marketing manager’s main capability that he must need because without market monitoring he can’t understand about the competitor of his garments were he in the job,

a marketing manager must have skill in communication with the buyer directly so that his garments company sales will be increased because only a marketing manager be able to explain to the buyer what is his company’s product quality and what is the product quality of their competitor company and why to buy should buy because marketing manager knows about that by the market monitoring

the marketing manager has to perform many other duties like these. Now you should know the minimum qualification of Bangladesh garments factory marketing manager and that is

  • Master’s degree in textile technology
  • Up to date 14 years of experience
  • Age 30 or up
  • Must be able teamwork capabilities
  • leadership abilities
  • Management skills and thinking
  • Innovations thinking skills
  • Creative thinking skills
  • Time management which increases a manager’s ranking

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#4 Garment Technologies

Technologies are always important in every factory not only the garments factory because when a garment uses a technology they increase its product quality in a short time if a garment factory uses a technology it must need a technology specialist called garment technologies. This character has lots of responsibilities that work with the designer to make sure designers follow the production

rules to making the suit, the best fabric like a treasure of garments factory, and the garments technologies’ main work is finding choosing, and buying the best quality fabric, every work in the budget because without budget no factory get the success that’s why garment technologies must doing his every work in the budget this thing is good for both of their technologies and factory, every garment have a pattern 

Top 5 Bangladesh Garments Factory Jobs

graders which explain how to work with garments pre-production a garments technologies always

need to follow if he works with this he works on the right path in his profession, as your technologies, you should advise cutters and machinists how to make garments samples properly when garment samples are ready you should check if it’s good then you should be approved if you think there are need some changes you should include correction was it necessary a garment

technologies have to perform many other duties like these. Now you should know the minimum qualification of Bangladesh garments factory technologies and that is

  • Must get a degree in fashion technology
  • You have minimum 5-7 years experience in garments technologies
  • You have the best communication skills which increase your ranking
  • You must be creative thinking about garments technology
  • Always control your patience that makes you strong-minded
  • You must have better planning skills which make your work easy
  • Try to technically deal with client
  • Always try to be innovative
  • Must understand garment manufacturing method

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#5 Merchandiser

Merchandise is one of the monumental departments in the Bangladesh garments factory and garments merchandisers play an important role between buyer and exporter they have always lot fo responsibilities like internal and external communication it means that all the departments like the production cutting finishing department follow the merchandise instruction because they didn’t know

what buyers want from them and what is they buyer’s instruction for them it only knows merchandiser that’s why their value is high, in garments business product quality gives more priority to all and buyer’s always buying the best quality product and merchandisers know which quality garments buyers want to buy and which specifications product they find that why a merchandiser gives advise quality department which level quality product buyers want to buy, we know a merchandiser is a

a person who plays a role between exporter and buyer that’s why he should giving instructions about shipping from the start to end and must following this shipping process a merchandiser has to perform many other duties like these. Now you should know the minimum qualification of Bangladesh garments factory merchandiser and that is

  • Need to get a degree in merchandising
  • Minimum 4-6 years experience in merchandising
  • Best communication skills
  • Smoother English talking skills
  • Incredible product knowledge
  • Computer knowledge and skills
  • Incredible factory knowledge which easies your job
  • Must have experienced convincing skills
  • Always up to date about world market
  • Best analysis skills that served your competitor product quality

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 List Of Clothing Brands Made In Bangladesh

  • Arong
  • Yellow
  • Richman 
  • Le Reve
  • Cats Eye
  • Kat Kraft
  • Westecs
  • Dorjibari
  • Artisti
  • Anjan’s


There are lot’s of educated people who are unemployed because they have an education but they didn’t have a qualification that’s why they didn’t get a good job and that is the reason these people doing those jobs where they can’t feel comfortable so they should gain qualifications and this garments job that we describe up there that all high paying jobs in Bangladesh garments factory sector, some people are hardly interested in

Bangladesh garments factory jobs but they didn’t which qualification they need to gain that’s why they purchase high-cost courses so we said that don’t buy these courses follow to gain the qualification that we describe your job gain changes must will be increasing so what you think about this post comment below and share your social media.

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