10 Ways To Improve Content Writing For SEO 2023

Content writing for SEO is the most important factor in digital marketing there are many types of content but before the content creation, at first, content should be writing in this time every business going to be modern and

the modern business must use digital marketing and content writing is most important in the digital marketing sector but there was a problem that is if you are a content writer you should content writing for SEO without it you cannot perform well in the digital marketing sector or search engine cannot present you the customers.

Day by day digital marketing going to be the most popular income sector in the world that is the reason the lion’s number of people started to content writing but their content is not suitable for the search engine because their SEO quality is low that’s why today we will share 10 ways to improve content writing for SEO

What Is SEO Content Writing

“Content is a broad term that means using this term to tell readers about your ideas, your project, your business, or something else when this content starts to writing and optimized for search engines that time it’s called SEO content writing”

however, this content would be online or offline. Every content has a purpose of writing that would be anything as example there are a huge number of the person who loved and like to wear the watch or if your expert on the watch, you can write about the watch for those people and they read your review about

the watch before buying it and you should content writing for SEO cause readers are used to search engines reading the reviews or search engines showing your content when you made SEO in your content

Importance Of Content Writing For SEO

  • Organic audience engagement
  • Reach targeted audience
  • Get traffic on your business websites
  • Get a high-quality backlink for increasing a websites authority
  • Make your customers loyal

Note: As we know there are lots of people who do content writing but most of the content search engines didn’t rank because of their SEO quality if we take an example, that you have a business website and

you write an SEO friendly content that means your content quality is good and your customers can easily understand your content this way they make your loyal customers however we didn’t discuss

how to write SEO content because lots of people know about it that’s why we share 10 way to improve content writing for SEO cause search engines fastly ranked high-quality content let’s dive into the topic.

Find LSI Keywords

A website’s content writing based on keywords and there are so many types of keywords LSI keyword is one of them that which is strongly affected to rank of a website on a search engine that’s why there are lots of SEO experts said that LSI keyword in SEO sector help to ranked fastest way.

However, there are lots of content writers who didn’t use LSI keyword because didn’t know how to find LSI keyword in this time there is a popular LSI keyword generator tool that can help to get LSI keyword, on the other hand, there is the easiest alternative to getting LSI keyword

So first, go to the search engine put your keyword on the search box, and click the search button search engines show your results scroll down and look they are 8 or 9th questions those are called LSI keywords now the question is how to use this LSI keyword on content,

it is very easy but as a content writer, you should be tricky when you find the LSI keyword you will try to implement in a paragraph with meaning as example “salesman job” keyword and “salesman job in the USA” is LSI keyword

So you can start your paragraph like there is the best salesman job in the USA this year which gave you an opportunity to earn big amount money.


Analysis of the importance of content writing for SEO without it you can’t beat your competitors. Before you start content writing on your keyword from the beginning you find your competitor’s content and then analyze them after

when you understand their content writing strategy you should make your own content writing strategy now many people may have questions that which points we should analyze in our competitor’s content that help us to beat them So there are

3 Points That Help You To Beat Your Competitor

  • Competitor Content length
  • How many keywords do they implement in their content
  • How many backlinks do they build

Let’s explain these 3 points, In general, we know that before we started to create content first we should do keyword research So when we find the right keyword for our content that time we put it on google and find the

Top 10 websites that are already ranked on google which keyword we find and select for our content writing those 10 websites is our competitors now we open these 10 websites and we should find out how long their content is

as an example of those 10 websites average, content length is 2000 word so you should write 2500 word content if you wanted to rank on google, second points are the number of keywords that they implement in their content, and for this analysis,

you can use the most popular SEO tools like ahref, semrush, or ubersuggest, etc when you got their keyword your content ranking possibility going too high, and the third thing that how many backlinks do they build SEO tools can also help to analyze your competitor backlinks.

Organized Content Properly

In August 2021, Google announced their new system that automatically generates the web pages title cause there are lots of content writers who can’t properly organize their titles and without a proper title, there are lots of users who didn’t understand which pages fulfill their intent  

That’s why google generates the perfect title through their system that helps the user get intent So as SEO content writer you should know 

5 Best Tips To Organized SEO Content

  • Attractive title with exact keyword
  • An eye-catching pitchers
  • Short Paragraphs with interesting word
  • Write meaningful conclusion 

These 5 are the most important role-playing for organized SEO content. Now we know-how

It’s happened, first one is an attractive title with an exact keyword an attractive title increase your click-through rate when the user search any query that time google show the 10 web pages in their result, and the user click which page who have an attractive title

3 Things That Make Your Content Title Attractive

  • Using Power Word
  • Using Numbers
  • Using Bracket

The second one is an eye-catching pitcher which shortly explains your content to the users

The third thing is short paragraphs with interesting words cause there are lots of users who didn’t understand the content without easy readability and short paragraph help to make content readability easy but you must using

interesting words in the paragraph that makes your content meaningful. the Forth one is writing a meaningful conclusion, a conclusion is the most important for content that didn’t know lots of content writers it helps to user understand the full concept of the content and ask for comments and sharing from the users.

Write Attractive Meta Description

Meta description playing an important top ranking for content and also this is the most important part of SEO. When your content writing for SEO you should focus on your meta description writing. Now we know 

What Is A Meta Description
If we simply know the answer it would be “meta description is one of the meta tags on a web page which allows webmasters to briefly sketch the content and quality of a web page” this meta description increase a web pages click-through rate also


How To Write Meta Descriptions

When a beginner hasn’t knowledge about a meta description he thought that it is a short paragraph it is written in any way that’s why their content is not ranked on google As we know google has 200 ranking signal and meta description is one of that, however, let’s learn how to write a meta description that would be SEO friendly

  • First, you should think of a paragraph that would be 150 to 160 characters of meta description length
  • The second is using a meta tag on this description, now lots of people have a question about what a meta tag is “when you include your main keyword on the description that would be a meta tag”
  • Write a paragraph that shortly briefly about the web pages that you write for your use when you do it perfectly when webmasters crawl your web pages. As they think this web page is qualified for serving users and you should be using perfect meta length or meta tag.

Convert Keywords Into Topics

As we read about the content writing we know that what is keywords and we also discuss LSI keywords upwards however if we didn’t know how to convert keywords into topics we can’t write content because

when we cannot select a topic it is not possible to describe something, a keyword has lots of topics and a content writer have a responsibility to find the best topic

There are a lot’s keyword research tools but right now Ahref, Semrush, and Ubersuggest are the most popular these tools have free or paid service is available However but I personally like to give that advice about using google search. How?

  1. Go to google and put your keyword the press space on the keyboard
All these are keyword topics you can select anyone and start writing as an example if you choose digital marketing jobs topics then you should start writing and try to explain what is digital marketing jobs, how to get digital marketing jobs, and what is the requirement of digital marketing job

2. The second process is to go to google put your keyword and press enter then scroll down and look people also ask

Now you can saw some topic that related with your keyword this topic is most important content writing for SEO when getting this topic and start to writing there are a high possibility to get lots of traffic now if you understand this point and follow when you have writing your content SEO should better then others

Cover Complete Topic

Before we start this point first we should know no about educated human nature, that is educated person never learns half of the topic they always try to completely learn about the topic.

In this digital century, a huge number of people like to learn their favorite topics on the internet that why they find google and google served the best topic for them that’s are reasons publishers need to content writing for SEO cause without SEO google didn’t publish publisher content in front of the users and

there was another thing that publisher website bounce rate when a user landed on the publisher’s content and saw the publisher didn’t cover a complete topic that time user back to the search engine and found another website where the publisher covered complete full of the topic

these things google analysis and when the user back from the publisher’s website that means the publisher can’t cover the full topic when this thing will happen with the publisher his website bounce rate automatically will increase and like this website google make their rank down

that’s why every publisher should complete the topic in their content, however, there are lots of SEO experts who write about this, and Brain Dan the founder of Backlinko said in one of his videos that “Content with data is a great way to help your blog stand out” that means you when you write content with data you can easily cover the complete topic and it makes your blog great.

Content Readability

We all know that how content readability is important for SEO but everyone doesn’t know how to improve content readability the content writers who follow SEO experts but most of the SEO experts who didn’t fully explain how to optimize your content readability that is the reason lots of content that ranked on google but the users didn’t read full of the content cause they can’t understand what is on content, as a result, the users stop reading the content and exit from the website So now the question is how to make easy content readability

2 Ways To Improve Content Readability

  • Using Bullet Points
  • Using Short Paragraph

These two things strongly affect improving content readability. In these two points, we learn from SEO expert Brain Dan Backlinko blog which is The Complete SEO checklist For 2021 l So first we know about short paragraphs,


In this image, we saw that author will smartly explain in a number of 4 lines about the type of content it is easy read when you read this full article you can notice full of the article writer with a short paragraph and

it is meaningful or easy to understand on the other hand you when you read a long article you can feel it’s like a newspaper and you getting bored. The second is bullet points


These bullet points help to content rank on google that we saw on the image if we sharply analyze the backlinko post that already mentions upwards we look at the author Brain Dan use these two techniques on his post and make his content readability easy.


First, we should know about faq full form which “frequently ask the question” this is one of the popular schema markups which also plays an important role in content writing for SEO like other ways,

However, at this time it is very easy to implement faq schema markups because most of the websites built on WordPress and this platform has the most popular SEO plugins which are Rank Math or Yoast SEO plugin but

my recommendation is Rank Math for this schema markup cause Rank math gave you 15 types of schema markup features full free and faq is one of them.

Now the question is how to write faq. This is the most interesting question but when this question ask you, any SEO expert can’t give you an honest answer, in this paragraph I will share my own technic that I use

7 Technics To Write FAQ Boost Your Traffic
  • Go to your browser search bar
  • Type your keyword and click space on the keyboard
  • Now you saw the suggestion under your keyword
  • Next, pick up all the suggestions and note it
  • Check all the suggestions on the Keyword research tool
  • Now pick up the low competition suggestion keyword
  • Now start to write

Voice Search Optimization

In this time world going to be smarter and it makes human life easiest In this continuum now we have Alexa and google home these smart devices make their activities by human voice command and they answer all the

questions that a human asks, these devices get the answer from the search engine and search engine present voice search optimized content. Now the question is 

How To Optimized Content For Voice Search

  • First, target your audience and select your voice search keyword
  • Write your content for your targeted audience in natural languages
  • Try to answer the question in your content shortly, meaningfully, and attractive
  • Use FAQ
  • Use short paragraph

That’s all the voice search optimization. Did you know why in this time voice search optimization is important cause on survey get the results that 55% of teens use voice search once a day and adults are 41% source Google and

most of the students use it for solved their queries So if we try to improve content writing for SEO we should also focus on voice search optimization?


If your content writing for SEO you must have consistency cause without consistency your user can’t be returned because every user who lands on your website means your content rank on google or your content quality is good

So when a user finds your content top on google they think you’re a qualified content creator and they should follow you but when you haven’t been consistent in your blog or website they think you are getting old to making content.

Now you ask a question I can’t make content consistently? Yes it is true because of your content creation strategy most of the content hasn’t any strategy when they started content writing however here it is for you 

7 Strategy To Writing Content Consistently 

  • Research keywords for more than 5 topics for content writing in a month
  • Set days for each topic for writing
  • Target your content word length and divided it by the hour As many hours as you want to work.
  • Take rest when you complete your hourly goal.
  • When you started writing content think like a user what they expect from this content.
  • Write which topic first you have completed knowledge.
  • Don’t write your content using Irrational information

When completely follow this strategy your content writing consistency will increase. All these strategies that I explain upward that all my own strategies if you have a better strategy you should follow it.


As we write the begging of the article every business going to be digital and the content presents the business important information that information attracted the customers but without SEO content didn’t arrive

at the customer’s organically that is the reason a content creator should content writing for SEO. So in this article, we will share 10 ways to improve content writing for SEO cause a customer or the reader is never interested in bad quality or backdated information,

for this reason, there are lots of businesses or blog that didn’t reach the organic traffic or customers that is the reason you should follow the information that we explain in this article

However, if you think this article helps you to increase your knowledge about content writing please share it on your social profile

Types Of SEO Content

There are a number of different types of SEO content that you can write about in order to improve your website’s ranking on search engines.
Here is a example:

Blog posts: blogging is a great way to share your unique perspective on topics that are important to your website’s audience. You can write blog posts about your company’s history, what sets it apart from its competitors, or how it’s helping customers achieve their goals.
By writing blog posts regularly, you’ll encourage your website’s visitors to stay on your site and explore the other topics

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